Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Blog

My blog is moving thanks to the wonderful talents of Daniel D! God has blessed us with such talented friends, thanks Dessingers for all your time, effort and help with the new blog. I love it! Hope I do it justice and that everyone enjoys taking a peak into our lives.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Post!

I think you should take the time to check out my friend and colleague, Sarah Jones', blog. She does such a great job with articles and current research. And, her site looks so professional... In fact, my lil' ole blog is very jealous these days... We're about to change that lil' situation soon : ) Thanks, Sarah, for being so sweet and posting about us. We love you, keep up the good work!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I know everyone else is joining MckMama in a "Not My Child! Monday", but I figured since every story I have to "not" tell on my child this week is my fault, I better stick w/ the Not Me! Monday...

I most certainly do not have a precious 10 month old son now because if that was the case, that would mean I have neglected my poor lil' blog for over a month... Surely not, Not Me!

And, I most certainly did not take that 10 month old to a wedding this past Saturday because my parents were going and JB was out of town so there were no sitters available. I would not wake my son up from his nap to go to a wedding, nope, Not Me! And, even if I was dumb enough to do so, I wouldn't sit towards the front and look at him with pride because he had fallen back asleep right before the ceremony started. And the bride will not forever be stuck with the memory of my precious child, on video forever, screaming to the top of his lungs because he suddenly woke up and decided he wanted to nurse as the pastor (same one who did my wedding!) tried to start her ceremony. I was not that mother at the wedding, Not Me!

To boot, my child- at only a few weeks old- did not have his first diaper accident on the mother of the above mentioned bride when we took him to his first baby shower, nope, Not Mine! Wow, do we owe this family...

Sunday, after the wedding when I asked mom if she was embarrassed by Harper's behavior, my own son's grandmother definitely did not reply, "Yes, mortified, let's not talk about it, try to forget!" We wouldn't be that embarrassed, nope, Not Us!

I did not agree to work every afternoon this week while JB is out of town. And, even if I had agreed to do so, I wouldn't have spent the whole afternoon w/ wonderful patients missing my precious little boy, wondering how working moms do it everyday. Nope, Not Me!

Finally, this will make you glad I went to work today and left someone else in charge of Harper... I did not win the "Worst Mom of the Year" award this past weekend by loosing Harper, nope, Not Me! I mean, I know he is fast and can go places quickly and get into anything he wants to these days. So, I would never let him out of my site, nope, Not Me! And, I certainly didn't find him in the garage (on his way out) when I had left him in the living room to play while I grabbed some clothes from my room. I wouldn't have an infant in a house with the door and the garage door open because our AC was out, Not Me! Surely I would watch him closely if I was doing something so dumb. I wouldn't turn to my mom in a panic when I saw no sign of him in the living room and ask, "Where is Harper?!" And, when we frantically went searching to find him in the garage eating insulation, probably on his way to the road, mom wouldn't reply, "Do not tell JB about this, you'll never hear the end of it!" And, I most certainly wouldn't blog about it. Nope, Not Me!

Happy Monday, hop on over to MckMama's blog and join the fun!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me! Monday

My itty bitty baby, who was just born yesterday, is not nine months old today, nope, not my child!

He does not snort and cough at me everytime I walk by, letting me know that his throat is just a little parched and he would like to nurse now, nope, not my child!

And, he certainly doesn't yell at me and smack the table with his hands in public restaurants if I don't feed him food or ice fast enough, nope, not my child!

When I sit him in front of the window in our living room and walk away, I don't come back in everytime to find him standing (pulled up on the window seal) yelling and frustrated at our fat basset hounds for not running around and entertaining him, nope, not my child!

We didn't have two people mistake him for a girl this past week. And, one lady did not carry on a ten minute conversation with me about how he was the perfect little girlfriend for her little boy. And, I did not avoid correcting the lady to tell her he was a boy and wasn't going to be anybody's girlfriend! Nope, not my child! I was praying to avoid embarrassing her, and hoping very badly JB wouldn't walk over and interrupt our conversation asking me to "hand him to him" or if he could "take him" or to tell Harper, "Hey buddy!"

He wasn't perfect and sleeping for 4-5 hour stretches at a time the other night when he joined me at a birth (JB, mom, dad and ALL baby-sitters were out of town at the same time!), only to wake up while the mom was pushing, deciding he needed to eat right then. Nope, not my child!
*Big thanks to Aunt Marcy for walking with me!

While adjusting a client today on a home visit, I did not have a colleague drive my car around outside the client's house to keep my napping child asleep. And, when he awoke, my colleague and I most certainly did not keep my child entertained and semi happy at the client's house by giving him paper to eat, nope, not my child!

And, on this photo shoot, he did not almost eat a dead worm. Nope, not my child!, who has so much to teach me about the adventures of raising boys (oh joy!).

Finally, he most definitely is not the cutest boy in the world, and we definitely don't love him with ALL of our hearts, now do we?! Nope, not our child! How could we be this blessed?! Happy Nine Months, Precious Boy!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not spend all week planning for Father's Day, which I thought was yesterday. I do not need to put so much planning into this day to "one up" my awesome husband, who gave me an incredible first Mother's Day. And, I did not just realize I had an entire extra week to plan, finally finding out on Friday that JB's first Father's Day is really on the 21st, not the 14th, Nope, Not Me!

While my in-laws were visiting this past weekend, we most certainly did not eat out every single meal. I was not a horrible hostess, not cooking a single meal, Nope, Not Me! Precisely, I was a good enough hostess to cook them one homemade meal, a meal that was supposed to go to a friend's house who had just had a baby... That meal didn't make it there w/ the storms we had, it ended up as our one home cooked meal :)

In this lovely Texas heat, I did not find myself so parched while out running errands that I drank (guzzled rather) water from Harper's new sippy cup. Nope, Not Me! And, I most certainly did not duck down in my car to drink from said cup so as to not be seen by drivers in the next lane, Nope, Not Me!

And, I have definitely not become that mom that makes airplane noises and pretends to eat my child's mashed up vegetables in attempts to get him to love food and stop nursing so much/often, Nope, Not Me! I make fun of those moms.

Last weekend, I did not recruit my friends and family to help me take down the old, flowered wallpaper donated to the house by the lovely old lady who used to live here and repaint the entire house in a day and a half because I had a baby shower to throw on Sunday. Who would decide to redecorate an entire home with a 7 month old baby in a day?! Not Me!

I did not opt to nurse my child in church on Sunday because it was the only option to keep him quiet during a very important service, who bribes their child with food to keep them silent? Not Me!

And, my child's ability to use the potty instead of his diaper at 7 months old was most certainly not the discussion everyone was having at a good friend's husband's funeral this weekend. That would be really inappropriate, and I would not find myself at the center of that discussion, Nope, Not Me!

This morning at work after sharing that I made an awesome green smoothie with goat's milk kefir for breakfast, I was not told that I am a "hippie without the dreads", Nope, Not Me!

So there you have it, Not Me! Monday... Hop on over to MckMama's site and join the fun:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun Giveaway!

Go check out Meredith's cool, cute blog for a chance to win a great prize. Thanks for the opportunity Meredith!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lettuce Wraps

So I tried this recipe, from my best friend's blog today. But, you guys know me, and you know I can't cook anything and leave the recipe intact. So, of course, I had to change some things up. I think as long as you don't expect to taste PF Chang's, they are really good. They reminded me more of sloppy joes on lettuce. But, that's ok because we have given up bread and use lettuce in its place rather frequently. What did I change? Well, I used fresh ginger, made some brown rice to go with it, added chopped almonds on top for crunch (we are big texture people), used romaine lettuce instead of iceberg for more nutritional value, used 1lb of turkey and 1lb of chicken (it's what I had), and I didn't like all the preservatives in the plum sauce so I used plum jam and organic tomato paste (think I'll use less paste next time to make it more like wraps and less like sloppy joes). But, all in all, they were pretty tasty- thanks Kitty :).

And, speaking of lettuce wraps, about a month ago I found a new all time favorite lettuce wrap recipe. It has become my new favorite meal to bring to new moms; if you are expecting a baby and I am signed up to bring you meals, expect this one. We love it around here! Plus, it's great to have another recipe we can use when doing the cleanse. It is a little more work than the crockpot, but totally worth it.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps
1/4 cup of Sweet Chili Sauce (in the Asian section at my stores)
1/4 cup of Honey
Fresh Basil
Sea Salt
1/4 cup Almonds (I chop mine)
Chicken (I use 4 breasts)
Red Bell Pepper
Brown Rice
Lettuce (traditionally iceberg is used, but we like romaine)
Cook the chicken (I usually stir fry mine in coconut oil) and brown rice (I usually fry mine in coconut oil until it lets off a "nutty" smell, then boil in chicken broth- tastes awesome!). Stir fry veggies and combine w/ chicken once cooked. Season with salt/pepper. You can add whatever other veggies you like too (I get creative- squash, sweet potatoes, zucchini...). Add chili sauce and honey to cooked chicken/veggies. Enjoy your wraps- stack rice, veggies/chicken in salad leaf and top w/ fresh basil and almonds (we'll add soy sauce too sometimes).
Oh and a hint on the announcement- Kate and Heather, you two should know :) because it was Kate's idea and Heather's hubby is hard at work for me. And, no, unfortunately we are not expecting a little brother or sister for Harper yet, at least that we know of anyway ;). Sorry to disappoint, but I had to tell at least that much- the phone has been ringing off the wall :)