Monday, September 29, 2008

Maternity Pics

Because of the line of work I am in, pregnancy in general has been a VERY exciting time for me to say the least. I have enjoyed it so much and feel so blessed; I can not believe it is about to come to an end and a new chapter is opening. Maternity pictures were no exception to the excitement. It was an extremely stressful day leading up to picture time, but once we finally made it (outfits, hair, and all) we had a blast. I am anxiously awaiting my order to come in so I can enjoy them all. Marquette, our photographer, posted some samples on her blog- feel free to take a look... I know, I am brave to show off my 36+ week bare prego belly. But, hey, I won't look like this forever: I know it'll be empty and saggy soon :(
Here is the link:
Marquette is amazing, if you have any photography needs, please check her out!


feltsdia said...

I love the name of your blog! So excited to keep up with you in this way! You've got to get JB into making some entries, too! I'd love to "hear" his quips on here!

Whittney said...

You look awesome!

kristal said...

I'm not kidding, I got goose bumps. I've never gotten goosebumps over maternity pictures. SMOKIN HOT! You look amazing. I'm sure you remember me at 36 weeks. About 5x bigger than most people at 40 weeks. Yea, that's how I roll. Hopefully I can get that big soon. I want another one!!!! I'm so glad your a blogger. I can't wait to see pics of the new kid when he/she comes!!! So excited for you! (1 word of advice...epidural) Ha! Just kdiding, Jase would kill me if he saw that. But it's ok coming from an 11lb 2oz deliverer. HA!

Michelle said...

Your pics are awesome!!! I already have the stretch marked saggy look and I haven't delivered yet!! HA! You also look about as big as I did at 25 weeks. (Yeah, I hate you. ;))

So, glad you've come over to the dark side and joined the ranks of the blogging junkies. We like it here. You will too. Love ya, girl!

Amy said...

Hi there! I ama stranger that found your blog through Hannah Chapman's.

Just wanted to say...beautiful pictures! By the way, that is my niece on the header of Marquette's blog. Small world. :)

Hannah said...

hi friend! welcome to the blogger world!! now I have another friend I can stock from blogs! =) Its addictive!