Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye-Bye to a WONDERFUL Year!

January- I witnessed my first twin birth. We went on a ski trip. We finally got pregnant :)
February- I told JB on the 9th that we would be parents this year... I tried to wait and surprise him on Valentines Day, but couldn't hold out. Tues, the 12th, we announced the pregnancy to our parents, my sister and my grandparents.
March- I was ready for the nausea to end!
April- Our friends Lance & Vanessa had their second baby boy. He was my first pregnancy to go through as the "head" midwife (something we have to do to complete our training). This was such an honor because not only do we love this family, but I had been at their first birth in the hospital and got to take them through this pregnancy and welcome #2 at home. JB & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on the 26th.
May- Had our first twin birth at the birth center, it was a CRAZY busy month with births!
June- We enjoyed a wonderful babymoon in Hawaii, I got to see my first twin homebirth and breech homebirth
July- We celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our birthing center
August- My wonderful friend, Danielle, and her mom threw me an amazing baby shower- we are so blessed to be surrounded by such incredible friends! I had a pretty bad car wreck and was so grateful for the Lord's protection over me and Harper
September- I took maternity leave, moved into our new house, celebrated my 26th birthday, prepared for Harper's arrival, and completed the last birth I needed for my midwifery training
October- I went into labor on the 19th and we experienced the best day of our lives on the 20th, welcoming Harper Joseph into the world with a wonderful homebirth. He meets JB's parents, grandmother, cousin & sister.
November- Marcy & my grandparents meet Harper for the first time. We host Thanksgiving at our house. Harper attends his first birth.
December- Harper attends his second birth (and almost third :( ), we take our first car trip as a family of 3, packing a lot more stuff w/ us, to see Marcy graduate from Tech! We celebrate our first Christmas as 3! JB turns 28. Mom & Dad celebrate 30 years of marriage!! Millie, my childhood dog, dies at 9 years old :(. We bring in 2009 as a family of 3 (me nursing Harper and missing the countdown :)
Happy 2009, Thank-you Lord for blessing us so richly in 2008!!!


Mae Burke said...

Ok, I must point out, you forgot one very important detail in Mae-I mean May...
ME! I came along to try and make your lives a little easier :D

Haha, its been great, thank ya'll for making my-our transition up here that much easier.

We love all three of you Haggertons!

feltsdia said...

Ahhhhh...isn't there so much be seen and understood through the eyes of being a parent? More of the "little" things matter, but most of all, we see how much the Father loves us and wants to richly bless us, just as we want to do for our own children. He is an awesome God! For that, we owe Him many thanks!

Michelle said...

Isn't it amazing to look back and see how crazy busy wonderful our lives are!! We have a great year ahead of us ~ afterall, are children ARE destined to love each other!! Love you girl!!

Whittney said...

What a wonderful year you've had! I learned a few new things about you your wreck that I can't seem to remember?!?!

eliza said...

Congratulations guys! I followed the comment you made on our blog and was so excited to see that you had a little one. He is just precious. It seems like just a little while ago that we were down there all the time, but I guess it's been longer than I thought. I'll have to add your link to our list so we can check in after we move... It was good to hear from you!