Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Inspirational Skiing"

I just got from a ski trip this past week (YES, i do work, this was a Christmas present!). I went on the trip carrying some pretty heavy burdens and trying to seek answers for some of them. I'm going to be honest, snow skiing is probably my number 1 favorite thing to do and the first couple days I couldn't turn my brain off and I wasn't having that much fun. I'm in a ski in, ski out, incredible condo on a great mountain in Idaho, all expenses paid, and I was thinking about the stuff I needed to be doing here!! But I kept praying, and kept seeking, telling God that I wasn't moving until he spoke to me. We skied (sp?) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Friday I decided to go off on my own on the mountain to ski some more advanced runs to really push myself. After I had hit a couple of the black runs on the front bowl (sorry if you don't speak ski lingo!) I was headed back up for more when God spoke to me plain as day. He gave me a picture of me going down the side of the mountain and reminded me of how much harder it is to make it down the mountain when I fight the mountain. When you don't trust your ski's and you try to fight it all the way down instead of allowing yourself to just go down the mountain and let the mountain do the work. He said that He was my mountain and that His will was going to be accomplished one way or another, but it wasn't easy right now because I was holding back and fighting Him. I have a bad habit of thinking that I know better how to get things done than He does (hilarious huh?!?) and not giving 100% of myself to Him. This isn't the first time He's talked to me about this, but this time it was different. It hit alot closer to home and I had more fun that day and skied better than I have in my life. All because I stopped fighting and doubting the mountain and I just devoted all of myself to what I was doing. That's my goal now that I'm back, focusing on Him, but I'm done fighting.....sorry for the rambling, just a thought I had on a lift chair in Idaho.....for what it's worth.



feltsdia said...

It's worth a lot. Great words for someone who can relate. :)

Heather said...

"Don't fight the mountain" - That one's going to stick with me. Great word picture for one who also loves to ski but hasn't been in AGES...probably since before Melinda was born. Glad I stumbled onto your blog. We sure love you guys! and we REALLY miss seeing Cindy :-)

Caroline said...

Thank you. I needed that parable. Have a blessed week! ;o)