Monday, March 16, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Last Wednesday on our way home from Kansas City, in frigid temperatures, I did not push our cart full of luggage through the rental car parking lot uphill with a backpack on my back and a diaper bag on one arm and a purse on the other while Jim Bob laughed at me as he watched me do this from the warm temperature of the waiting room as he held sleeping Harper and NO bags, nope, Not Me!

We did not pack 7 pieces of luggage for 2 adults and 1 baby, nope, Not Us! And, I was totally prepared that traveling with a baby now meant having to pack the whole house, so we'd be prepared :)

I most certainly did not almost pee on myself as I was laughing so hard while pushing this luggage and watching Jim Bob simply watch me, no, Not Me!

I did not keep from peeing on myself by visualizing myself having to ride all the way home on an airplane while nursing and holding my child, freezing in my wet urine smelling pants, nope, Not Me!

I do not have a fear of peeing on myself because it's something I used to struggle with all the way up into high school anytime I laughed too hard, and in junior high school I was most certainly not nicknamed "The Pee Queen", nope, Not Me!
*You would think someone would have taught me those great Kegel exercises we learn in pregnancy yoga earlier on in life!!*

I did not put Harper in his swing this week so that I could eat some of my delicious coconut milk ice-cream and use both hands to do so, and I most certainly did not finish off the entire tub of deliciousness all on my own in one sitting, nope, Not Me!

I do not have a pile of dirty cloth diapers laying on a trash can lid in my halway because I am too lazy to get the trash can and put the liner in it and the diapers in it, nope, Not Me!

I am not doing all my laundry at my mom's house this week because my washer is broken for the second time this year, nope, Not Me! And, I most certainly didn't break it by loading it too full and allowing a knob to break off for the second time, nope, Not Me!

I did not catch myself thinking, "Just move him to play elsewhere, it'll dry, he'll never know." when Harper peed on Jim Bob's side of the bed this week, nope, Not Me!
*And, yes, my conscience got the best of me and those sheets did make it to the wash at mom's! JB is so lucky I am honest to a fault!*

I did not explain to my sister's new boyfriend (of one week) what a "froobie" is, nope, Not Me!

So there you have it, I love reading the "Not Me! Mondays" so this week I decided to jump in and participate... Kids give you TONS of material to work w/, especially in our busy house. I hope you'll pop over to and participate too... I promise you'll live to tell about it, and I'll enjoy reading it :)

Besides, I needed to blog because I know you all miss me when JB is on here being all spiritual :)


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I have not seen "Not Me Monday" before. I like it and may have to join in.

feltsdia said...

And to think...when I knew you from years before, I thought JB was the complete goof-off and you were all spiritual :) !

Heather said...

That was hilarious. I am going to join in soon, but for now I'm just proud of myself to be blogging at all!

lsprad said...

Oh this was the comic reliefI needed tonight!! LOVED it and may copy it!!

The Rhodes' said...

fo sure! that's hilarious!

Michelle said...

First off, now that I know you pee yourself when you laugh hard I am going to try much harder to make you laugh!

Secondly, I SO would have let Ken sleep on the peepee sheets! ROFL! That was too funny and you are too nice!!

Nothing like a little Not Me! Monday to find out just how warped we all really are, huh?? haha!

Kitty said... I read this, I was remembering a specific time in a town in Mexico where there was definite laughter and pee in the pants. Oh, how little changes over time!

Heather said...

Ha!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the smiles :-) I caught a vision of you pushing that luggage up the hill...the things good stories are made of!