Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday

After being so excited that Stellan was finally home from the hospital and anxiously awaiting MckMama resuming Not Me! Mondays, I did not miss participating in her return Not Me! Monday last week, nope, Not Me!

Last week while we were at a friend's house, Harper most certainly did not poop down the front of my white shirt, after I took him to the bathroom and was talking and playing with him before putting his diaper back on (I thought he was done, wrong). And, I most certainly did not forget to pack myself a change of shirt. So I did not proceed to try to wash my shirt in her sink with hand soap before returning to socialize. And, I was not super happy that we were eating guacamole for lunch so I could simply hold Harper, positioning to hide the lovely poop marks, and after eating blame the faint green on dropped guacamole, nope, never, Not Me!

I most certainly did not miss the recognition of moms and prayer for moms at church on Saturday for my first Mother's Day because I was in the nursing room feeding Harper, nope, Not Me! And, I didn't think to myself while in there, "Well isn't this appropriate?!" Nope, Not Me!

I didn't keep turning and looking for MY mom all weekend anytime someone wished me a "Happy Mother's Day" because I definitely don't feel old enough or like I am in the stage of life to be celebrating my very own Mother's Day, nope, surely Not Me!

After finally setting up the co-sleeper where it belongs, next to the bed, and cleaning out all the junk in it so Harper could have a place to sleep, the ironing board has not become the new storage device in our bedroom. I would never let that happen, and I most certainly wouldn't walk by it for 3 weeks, thinking how badly I need to clean it up, nope, Not Me!

I am not the wife who would laugh hysterically at my husband for doing his hair, before work, using a towel that Harper had peed on. And, I certainly would not think to myself after figuring out that he had done this, "Good, maybe he will finally learn only to use the towels hanging on the rack!" Nope, Not Me!, that would be really mean.

Surely, I am not blessed enough to have married such an awesome man, who treated me to the best first Mother's Day ever yesterday. Not Me! And, should I feel guilty that he spent all his free time on Saturday making me a scrapbook for Mother's Day? As if that is not wonderful enough, he also bought me a gorgeous opal and pink Sapphire (Harper's birthstones) necklace to include with the book. I would have never imagined getting to enjoy spending a great day with my family yesterday, and I couldn't be more grateful for my mom after these past few months spending a little time "in her shoes" as a mom myself... Nope, Not Me!

So there you go... Hope you'll join MckMama and everyone else in the fun of Not Me! Monday

Stay tuned to my blog, and hopefully this week I'll have an exciting announcement to make : )


Whittney said...

Dude! I'm on the edge of my seat about your exciting announcement!

The Burkes said...

this is not the monk's wife's blog!
you cant say you have an announcement that will be exciting... which i guess means we cant guess that it must mean your pregnant again.
or can we ;]
haha, all joking aside, does that mean jb didnt REALLLY play tennis on sat? he really played himself up if he did :D

lsprad said...

me too Whitt! Let is spill Cindy!

feltsdia said...

That is soooooooo not fair! I check it daily as it is already! To boot, I loved your Not Me's! Now I know why JB smelled that way during my adjustment on Friday! LOL!

katesaab said...

You are hilarious with the poop shirt story! That is so something I would do! and I really need to know if you are pregnant you know so I can plan my next pregnancy accordingly - Just kidding :)... but really, I'm so anxious to hear your news!

Heather said...

You really know how to create suspense, don't you? Loved your "Not Me's" and can't wait to hear the news!