Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not spend all week planning for Father's Day, which I thought was yesterday. I do not need to put so much planning into this day to "one up" my awesome husband, who gave me an incredible first Mother's Day. And, I did not just realize I had an entire extra week to plan, finally finding out on Friday that JB's first Father's Day is really on the 21st, not the 14th, Nope, Not Me!

While my in-laws were visiting this past weekend, we most certainly did not eat out every single meal. I was not a horrible hostess, not cooking a single meal, Nope, Not Me! Precisely, I was a good enough hostess to cook them one homemade meal, a meal that was supposed to go to a friend's house who had just had a baby... That meal didn't make it there w/ the storms we had, it ended up as our one home cooked meal :)

In this lovely Texas heat, I did not find myself so parched while out running errands that I drank (guzzled rather) water from Harper's new sippy cup. Nope, Not Me! And, I most certainly did not duck down in my car to drink from said cup so as to not be seen by drivers in the next lane, Nope, Not Me!

And, I have definitely not become that mom that makes airplane noises and pretends to eat my child's mashed up vegetables in attempts to get him to love food and stop nursing so much/often, Nope, Not Me! I make fun of those moms.

Last weekend, I did not recruit my friends and family to help me take down the old, flowered wallpaper donated to the house by the lovely old lady who used to live here and repaint the entire house in a day and a half because I had a baby shower to throw on Sunday. Who would decide to redecorate an entire home with a 7 month old baby in a day?! Not Me!

I did not opt to nurse my child in church on Sunday because it was the only option to keep him quiet during a very important service, who bribes their child with food to keep them silent? Not Me!

And, my child's ability to use the potty instead of his diaper at 7 months old was most certainly not the discussion everyone was having at a good friend's husband's funeral this weekend. That would be really inappropriate, and I would not find myself at the center of that discussion, Nope, Not Me!

This morning at work after sharing that I made an awesome green smoothie with goat's milk kefir for breakfast, I was not told that I am a "hippie without the dreads", Nope, Not Me!

So there you have it, Not Me! Monday... Hop on over to MckMama's site and join the fun:


Whittney said...

I love the eating out the story of my life!

Heather said...

I did NOT laugh out loud while imagining your face when you found out Father's Day is next weekend : - )Whoohoo! Great post!!!

feltsdia said...

You are so brave. You are my hero!

Caroline said...

"Hippie without the dreads"! That is classic. Nope, you probably couldn't get any crunchier. Love it! And I most certainly have never taken a swig from son's sippy cup before. Nope. Not me either! ;)