Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me! Monday

My itty bitty baby, who was just born yesterday, is not nine months old today, nope, not my child!

He does not snort and cough at me everytime I walk by, letting me know that his throat is just a little parched and he would like to nurse now, nope, not my child!

And, he certainly doesn't yell at me and smack the table with his hands in public restaurants if I don't feed him food or ice fast enough, nope, not my child!

When I sit him in front of the window in our living room and walk away, I don't come back in everytime to find him standing (pulled up on the window seal) yelling and frustrated at our fat basset hounds for not running around and entertaining him, nope, not my child!

We didn't have two people mistake him for a girl this past week. And, one lady did not carry on a ten minute conversation with me about how he was the perfect little girlfriend for her little boy. And, I did not avoid correcting the lady to tell her he was a boy and wasn't going to be anybody's girlfriend! Nope, not my child! I was praying to avoid embarrassing her, and hoping very badly JB wouldn't walk over and interrupt our conversation asking me to "hand him to him" or if he could "take him" or to tell Harper, "Hey buddy!"

He wasn't perfect and sleeping for 4-5 hour stretches at a time the other night when he joined me at a birth (JB, mom, dad and ALL baby-sitters were out of town at the same time!), only to wake up while the mom was pushing, deciding he needed to eat right then. Nope, not my child!
*Big thanks to Aunt Marcy for walking with me!

While adjusting a client today on a home visit, I did not have a colleague drive my car around outside the client's house to keep my napping child asleep. And, when he awoke, my colleague and I most certainly did not keep my child entertained and semi happy at the client's house by giving him paper to eat, nope, not my child!

And, on this photo shoot, he did not almost eat a dead worm. Nope, not my child!, who has so much to teach me about the adventures of raising boys (oh joy!).

Finally, he most definitely is not the cutest boy in the world, and we definitely don't love him with ALL of our hearts, now do we?! Nope, not our child! How could we be this blessed?! Happy Nine Months, Precious Boy!!


Mae Burke said...

i most certainly am not going to let lily's infancy go by as fast as harper's has. i refuse.

Lance and Vanessa Krogh said...

Welcome to the world of raising boys! Just wait there is more fun to come and more lessons to learn. But you will only love him more and more!

feltsdia said...

I so admire your bravery doing the "Nope! Not me!" blogs. I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too stuffy to pull that off. No comments from the peanut gallery, JB! Love you guys!

Brea said...

Love it! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has a baby who will only sleep in the car WHILE IT'S MOVING!! Nope, not my child! :)

J said...

Ooohhh, just wait till he gets a little older and starts talking back, and then add another one to the mix! I miss you so much! To think that boy is 9 months old, and I've not met him in person yet! That's so sad. Enjoy every moment, because you will blink and he'll be turning 5 in a few months...