Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 new things I learned from a GREAT seminar this past weekend...

This past weekend I was sooo happy that baby "Bit" cooperated and allowed JB and I to make it to a seminar that we have been waiting on for several years now. It was put on by Standard Process, one of our fav nutritional companies, and taught by a Dr. Angela Hywood. Angela is from Australia, and she is amazing!! I want to download her brain. She has a fertility practice; and, she is known to get a 98% success rate with couples who have already been through the medical model w/ no success. Amazing!! This seminar was entitled, "Top 10 Female Health Conditions"; and, we attended w/ many different practitioners from all different backgrounds and fields. I was so glad several of our midwives and a patient came too. Incredible, priceless info! I always try to take away 1 thing from any seminar or class, and in my opinion, if you learn even just 1 thing it is worth it. However, this seminar was so wonderful, there was so much that we were able to walk out with and put to use immediately. Here are some of the top 10:
1) Fatigue is one of the most common female health problems
2) Average sleep needed for an adult EACH night- 8 to 8.5 hours (this is necessary and required for healing and health in general)
3) Adrenal glands affect so much of our health!! If they are not working correctly (due to stress), they can shut down ovarian function (infertility) and lead to immune system problems (yeast infections, cancer)
4) Sea Salt has 94 trace elements in it, that we know of. We should consume 1/2-1 tsp a day of it
5) Painful Menstrual Periods is the #1 reason why women in the U.S. miss work
6) Yeast loves estrogen, sugar and weak adrenal glands
7) Antidepressants down regulate the pituitary gland (make it not function properly) and thus affect hormonal function adversely
8) Fluoride and Chlorine compete w/ iodine absorption in the body
9) One of the biggest sources of radiation is flying in an airplane.
10) Radiation is scary! It fragments DNA (especially men's sperm- infertility issues and/or fetal issues), one of the best ways to combat it is by taking a bath in Epsom salt


feltsdia said...

JB wants me to take one of those questionaires since you guys learned so much great stuff! I can't wait!

Michelle said...

I can attest to the adrenal gland disfunction and my fertility "drought". I do believe that once I started the supplelments that is why I got pregnant so quickly after Hope!! lol! Thanks for telling me THAT bit of information Mr. JB!!! :)

Hannah said...

good info that makes me thing ALL woman have adrenal issues! I know I do and reading this helps me see why. hhmm...maybe I should go take an epson salt bath! =) I wanta go to stuff like this when I move, I miss being around this more. And I don't want to fly in an airplane while pregnant now! Not that i was planning on it but this confirmed it to me.

Whittney said...

Note to self: no airplane while pregnant.

sandy223 said...

It was interesting to meet with you in person and to share thoughts on speed, agility, and quickness. As a physical therapist, I have incorporated many of your techniques and ideas into what I do on the rehabilitation end. With my ACL injuries I always incorporate a progressive back to sports jump training program before clearing my athlete's to return to full activity.
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Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I can't believe you did not tell me you had a blog. I found it because I saw that I was receiving traffic from your blog when looking at my analytics stats. i can't wait to read about "bits" arrival.