Sunday, October 12, 2008


I love this comparison chart! I have been really frustrated when I hear of friends who I know are believers but yet are strongly supporting Obama in the upcoming elections. I will be the first to agree that there are a lot of things that need to change in our country; and, I can not say that I am happy with every issue the Republican party is standing for either. In fact, I am not really content with either of our options for this upcoming term. However, we can not ignore core issues, and the value of human life- or lack thereof- is a HUGE issue! How can we cry with a friend when she miscarries a baby early in pregnancy and rejoice with another when she births a healthy newborn, and yet completely ignore the fact that a candidate supports making in-utero infant murder legal?! I just do NOT get it!! Do we honestly think our just, fair God is going to be able to continue blessing and protecting our country if we allow things to keep going down this path?
Our pastor said something incredible at church last night that really stuck with me. He was addressing our country's events of this past week and how much fear they have stirred up in people. And here is what he said: We are about to elect someone to set on our country's throne, and they will be there for the next four years. And, they may even be there for four years after that. However, in 4,000 years, who will still be on His throne? God is not surprised by these events, and He is still calling you to do what He has been calling you to do. In whom do you place your trust (in the good times AND the bad)?! Remember so many of the Psalms end and begin with, "Praise Ye the Lord!"


feltsdia said...

I know exactly how you feel! My flesh feels like shaking someone to get some sense into their heads rather than just pray and leave it at the hands of the Father. All Christians must hit their needs to empower the voting Americans. To Him be the glory!

kristal said...

GREAT post Cindy! And so true. It really is scary how many human beings can think so inhumanly about something so precious. It's sickening.

Caroline said...

Actually it was this post that inspired me to write mine! I tend to avoid political issues on my blog, but I couldn't feel like a good representative of Christ just sitting by and not saying anything, especially after reading your blog! So thank you!